After I’d left Tom and returned to my bedroom, I put Anabelle’s moonstone ring on the third finger of my right hand, intending to keep it there from now on. I was almost too ashamed to look at it, since it reminded me how unfairly I’d treated Tom when all along it had been stolen by some foolish child, but I had also learnt my lesson and would keep it safe thereafter.

I’d tried to sit and read a while, but I suppose my relief at Tom being safe and the ring being back in my possession helped lull me to sleep, and I dreamt vividly of Anabelle and our time at Willoughby. Needless to say I woke in something of a good mood. I stepped out into the sitting room when I was ready and found Helene on the empty sofa, watching Tom sleep.

“Good morning, darling,” I whispered, trying not to wake Tom. “Shall we go to breakfast? Tom’s probably going to sleep till—” Tom’s snores grew suddenly louder, forcing me to raise my voice, “—very late! We needn’t wait for him!

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FRIday, may 16, 2014

Vol. V, Chapter 12: In Which Lucien Recognizes the Importance of Friendship

After learning who his true friends are, Lucien decides finally whether he can accept that keeping them at arm's length is no longer an option.

Volume V has ended! We'll be continuing in a few months with Volume VI: The Chariot! View the new cover here!

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